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As a digital marketer, brand expert & content producer, my career journey started with traditional marketing, creative production before moving into full-service digital marketing, branding, and e-commerce. I move brands forward through easily perceived design and human experiences.

I founded DigiStream Media, a digital marketing agency with a SaaS marketing cloud platform that helped businesses engage and earn loyal customers across mobile, social media, email and more.

From well-known brands to start-ups, my clients have included companies in tech, tourism, telecom, hospitality, financial services, retail, and restaurants.

I led a Marketing team that generated millions of dollars in revenue in record time for an industry leader, served on a team winning a Webby Award, for the America’s Favorite Architecture (AFA) website, out of nearly 10,000 submission entries, and today I passionately help brands to benefit society.

MUD\WTR mornings.

I’m always sipping tea, and in particular, chai. My current morning ritual tho, is a mushroom coffee alternative made with organic ingredients lauded by cultures young and old for their health and performance benefits. Now, just as if you were doing a humming meditation, repeat after me, “YUMmmmmmmm”.

Can’t get enough of creating, upcycling. and making things around me beautiful through  designing, painting, styling, decorating, and organizing beautifully functional spaces.

Personal development or self improvement activities that develop my capabilities and potential, and enhance my quality of life, and the realization of my dreams and aspirations makes me dance & sing. Music lifts me high! I know way too many song lyrics and there’s often a song stuck in my head.

My commitment and my drive are second-to-none.  I lead with my passions and don’t give up easily. I will find a solution. I’m truly living in my purpose, believe in Divine timing, and I love knowing that I can never get it all done. If you know, then you know!

A lover of words, I enjoy writing. Looking up at the stars so enchants me, basking in the warm sun soothes my soul, and the ocean calls my name.

I’m one whose always up for entertainment, ready to celebrate just about anything. New travel adventures, and exploring different cultures always allows me to breathe in new perspectives. Been on the fence about buying a bichon frise. If I do, I’ll post a few pics here for ya.        – XOXO

57% of consumers indicated that they are more loyal to brands that commit to addressing social inequities.

Work With Jichél

Successful web creators understand that design and systems must work side by side for people to deliver high-quality work without burning out. In this guide, we will explore the practical steps you can take to shut down time-wasting activities and frustration. Say no to scope creep and build a no-fail framework that can pivot for the unexpected.


From disruptive startups to industry leaders and many in between.

These brands have hired me to keep their digital marketing and brand in integrity with their audiences.


The breadth of my expertise represents a passion for delivering unforgettable shopping experiences that keep customers coming back, and for all things digitally creative. I help create artisan brands, help them tell their story meaningfully, and help them provide highly personalized experiences for their end-users.

A problem seeker, continuously analyzing the market for new developments, opportunities, and challenges, I live on the bleeding edge of technology. I partner with proactive Brands, and teams who readily embrace the digital revolution.


Strategy that is centered on clarifying a brand’s message,  informs decisions and shapes actions is the underlying foundation of every great brand experience.


From voice to tone to style, every expression matters. Brand design shapes a brand experience, creating identity touchpoints from design to key messages.


Creative functionality with intuitive design makes every interaction more meaningful. Embracing digital as an extension of the physical brand has the power to elevate the experience.

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