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Helping brands and entrepreneurs integrate SOCIAL IMPACT into business without

Hi there! I'm Jichél Stewart

Brand & Digital Marketer | Author | Businesses Coach | Mentor …And committed chai drinker who loves helping brands and entrepreneurs activate their brand-purpose, empower employees, and build engaging experiences for people. I believe businesses can shape our world for the better by stepping into the social impact space, and they can do it with strong communities of loyal people behind them. I bridge Brand-Purpose Strategy, Employee Social Impact, and Community Engagement. So, if you’re ready to launch or transform your brand while making a purposeful impact for the greater good in this world, then let’s start!

Here's How I Can Help

Providing business value is my passion. I help businesses and professionals in a variety of ways from paid services such as Fractional CMO, speaking, teaching, and coaching to creating free content about: Purposeful Branding, Engaging Customer Experiences, Digital Marketing, The Social Impact movement, and more.

What level of business transformational success are you ready to achieve? 

Strategic Branding

Start your Brand Strategy, Visual and Content management, and get continued analysis of techniques used to maximize the value of your brand. Ready to dig into your Brand Mission, Vision or Values? Need to Architect a few brands or define Customer Personas?

Community Engagement

Keeping customers coming back is vital in today’s digital marketplace, where an ever-increasing number of brands are competing for a finite amount of customer attention. Let's turn your B2B and B2C customers into active participants with your brand.


The time is now to become truly customer centric, and put data at the heart of your organization. I'm a data-friendly, insight-heavy strategist who thinks about the audience at every turn. Ready to uncover critical information about your corporate context and your community landscape?

Group Coaching

I work on projects that have social and digital creative deliverables and execution. Learn how my creative background, eye for excellence, mastery of platforms, and intuitive understanding of social production needs and processes can work for your brand.


Having spoken at events since 2007, let me educate and inspire your audience to spark brand-purpose innovation.

Fractional CMO

Tap into my experience as a thought leader in the digital marketing industry to apply to your brand’s specific situation to maximize your digital ROI.


Does Your Brand Stretch Across Cultures, People & Current Core Phenomena?

Finally! A fresh approach to branding that gives a modern blueprint for how business entities, and brands can consciously operate in the world! This book will help you uncover the hidden powers that engaging with your customers has on your brand, and provides you an actual playbook for developing your own expanded set of measurable data points your company can use to make smart, actionable decisions.


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