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Join me as my guests and I discuss innovative ways that brands can activate their purpose, and integrate social impact into business!

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In the BRAND ENLIGHTENED  podcast, Jichél Stewart helps CXOs, Brand Marketer’s and entrepreneur’s with game-changing and impactful ways to make their brand become future-proof. Jichél and her guests share actionable strategies for Brand Adaption, Business Reinvention, CX Elevation, and Operations Mastering — You can tune into conversations with brand leaders who are systematically approaching ‘experience transformation’ through its societal impacts, and always thinking about responsible outcomes.

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I spark business growth through expert innovations in

Brand & Digital Marketing.
I'm an Author, Businesses Coach, Mentor,
and overly-committed chai drinker!

I work with organizations, business unit leaders, and entrepreneurs that are ready to activate their brand-purpose, empower employees, and build connective and engaging experiences for people who fall in love with their brand value + products and services.

I believe that each individual and organization has the capacity to be of service to the world-at-large, and with the right brand-purpose blueprint, and activations, they can not only be profitable, but also shape our world for the better by investing in the social impact space, whilst building loyal communities who stand behind them. I bridge Brand-Purpose Strategy, Employee Social Impact, and Community Engagement for those ready to make a deliberate shift.

So, if you’re ready to launch or transform your brand while making a purposeful impact for the greater good in this world, then let’s start!


of people expect CEOs to speak out on societal issues.


Does Your Brand Stretch Across Cultures, People & Current Core Phenomena?

Finally! A fresh approach to branding that gives a modern blueprint for how business entities, and brands can consciously operate in the world! This book will help you uncover the hidden powers that engaging with your customers has on your brand, and provides you an actual playbook for developing your own expanded set of measurable data points your company can use to make smart, actionable decisions.

growth through purpose
How Can You Shape A Better Future?

Providing business value is my passion. Creating a bridge across contexts—company culture, business goals, customer experience, and the broader cultural context in which your company must play a role to create a cohesive brand narrative that defines your reason to exist in the world, guiding your campaigns, messaging, and experiences and identifying new, breakthrough brand-building opportunities.

I help businesses and professionals in a variety of ways from paid services such as Fractional CMO, speaking, teaching courses, and coaching to offering lots of free content about: Purposeful Branding, Engaging Customer Experiences, Digital Marketing, The Social Impact movement, and more.

What Level of Brand Transformational Success Are You Ready to Achieve? 

Strategic Branding

ACTIONABLE CROSS-MARKETPLACE BRAND STRATEGY I help you lead the development and evolution of your brand, content management, and get continued measurement to maximize the value of your brand. Need to Architect a few brands or advancing purpose, vision, brand, and positioning to drive awareness and favorability with all stakeholders?


THEMES. TOOLS. PROVEN METHODOLOGY. We deep-dive into themes with exercises, interactive tools and a proven brand methodology

e-Learning Courses

Discover how to fast-track your brand building results through my array of online self-paced courses and training programs, live webinars, and ongoing monthly support. I am here to help your company grow!

Branded Content

BRAND BUILDER. AMBASSADOR. BRANDED CONTENT. Let me tell your brand story with passion & purpose through videos, podcasts or content. I'm passionate about evangelizing brands, products and services that I truly believe in, and that help my audience to improve their ROI. As a respected and trusted industry thought leader, I'd love to represent your brand in a positive light to promote brand awareness and sales.

Keynote Speaking & Expert Webinar Leader

EDUCATE. INSPIRE. MOTIVATE. Having spoken at events since 2007, let me educate and inspire your audience to spark brand-purpose innovation. As an in-demand speaker and seasoned virtual event pro, I’m dedicated to providing highly valuable, educational content to your audience. I blend timeless strategies with cutting-edge Branding tactics and trends.

Corporate Training & Consulting

CONFIDENT CONSULTANT Tap into my experience as a thought leader in the digital marketing industry to apply to your brand’s values of Authenticity, Wisdom, Humility, Passion, and Generosity. You want amazing, measurable results from your efforts. And, you need to make sure that any training and consulting you invest in actually moves the needle and provides you with a solid ROI. With my expert guidance, together we can drive real results for your company.



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