JICHÉL STEWART – Digital Marketer

Best-In Class Growth Strategies

Modern Marketing Leader

I help organizations keep up with emerging customer demands, and thrive in the face of the future. My goal is to help companies to compete better in an environment that is constantly changing.

A problem seeker, I bridge Strategy, Creative, and CX while continuously analyzing the market for new developments, industry trends, tactics, tools and challenges. I partner with proactive brands to embrace the digital revolution.

Growth & Innovation for Your Brand.

Brand. Content Marketing. Customer Centricity. Customer Experience. Customer Journey. Digital Marketing. MarTech. Growth Hacking. Omni-channel. Social Media. What level of business transformation success are you prepared to achieve?


Need superior front-end designs and unique digital experiences with seamless back-end functionality to match? Learn how I develop commerce solutions that offer 360-degree customer experiences to accelerate sales & drive long term engagement.

Customer Engagement

Keeping customers coming back is vital in today’s digital marketplace, where an ever-increasing number of brands are competing for a finite amount of customer attention. Let's turn your B2B and B2C customers into active participants with your brand.

Digital Technology

The time is now to become truly customer centric, and put data at the heart of your organization. I'm a data-friendly, insight-heavy strategist who thinks about the audience at every turn. Ready to get an understanding of your Mar-Tech and analytics?


I work on projects that have social and digital creative deliverables and execution. Learn how my creative background, eye for excellence, mastery of platforms, and intuitive understanding of social production needs and processes can work for your brand.

Strategic Branding

Start your Brand Strategy, Visual and Content management, and get continued analysis of techniques used to maximize the value of your brand. Ready to dig into your Brand Mission, Vision or Values? Need to Architect a few brands or define Customer Personas?


As technology advances, it's integrated into our daily lives. The various channels you use to interact with consumers, is critical to creating a consistent brand experience. Let's use omni-channel experiences to create profitable marketing, sales, and service strategies.


Take a look at some of my projects…


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